Anura Tree Care - Fosse 2018 finalist

March 29, 2018

Passionate about Caring for Your Trees

Pierre Soulard launched his arboriculture company in 2017. While the tenacious and self-taught businessman currently runs Anura Tree Care on his own, the La Fosse aux Lions finalist has plans to expand his business across the province.  

Pierre Soulard's Anura Tree Care offers an array of arborist services, including pruning, planting, landscaping and project consultations. "The company's mission really embraces everything related to arboriculture. I also do a lot of pruning for the municipalities, such as La Broquerie."

One of Pierre Soulard's specialties is pruning services for homeowners. "Tree pruning is a highly technical process, especially for trees between houses. You need to be able to trim them without damaging the others. I make sure the job is done right for each of my customers," he says.

Quality work at a competitive price is Pierre's motto, and his goal is to increase and diversify his contracts across the province. Winning the La Fosse aux Lions prize would also help the entrepreneur upgrade his equipment to improve operations while reducing costs

"The competition is fierce. There are at least 150 tree care companies in the area, which is why I'd like to expand further across Manitoba."

But it takes a lot more than competition to scare this highly motivated businessman. "I've always loved competition, especially in sports and the martial arts, which I practise.  It doesn't scare me. It's one of the reasons why I chose the arboriculture field: I enjoy a good challenge," he laughs.

Pierre Soulard has loved the outdoors and trees since he was a young boy growing up in La Broquerie and St. Georges, spending most of his childhood in the forest and trees.

"I really always knew I needed a job where I could work outdoors. I had several jobs before this, but I never felt fulfilled. Now, I'm doing what I like most, and it makes me happy every day."

Pierre Soulard would like to continue to hone his arboricultural skills through international certification. There is plenty to fuel the ambitions of the Manitoba entrepreneur.  "It's such a fascinating field. There is always more to learn about trees, and it affects the whole world," he concludes.

Anura Tree Care

Pierre Soulard (owner)

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