Body Measure : Promoting Healthier Bodies

April 04, 2019

With their truly one-of-a-kind company in Canada, Melina Elliott and Erica Henderson want to help anyone interested in taking care of their body. The two ambitious businesswomen will be presenting their ground-breaking company, Body Measure, at the La Fosse aux Lions finals.

Melina Elliott and Erica Henderson

For Melina Elliott, being a Fosse aux Lions finalist is also a personal victory. "I learned French in a French immersion program. Today, I live in St. Boniface, my husband is Francophone, and my children attend a DSFM school. It's really important for me to be active in my French-speaking community. Entering the La Fosse aux Lions competition was huge. I am so proud we were selected!" (WATCH VIDEO)

Body Measure is the only company in Canada that measures body composition so extensively, with a trio of tests to assess internal and external body composition and calorie burning efficiency.

"The system currently exists in Europe and Australia, but we are the first to launch it in Canada," says Melina Elliott. "That makes us really unique. Plus, we are two women, two mothers. We are pretty proud to have started this business."

Following a Canada-wide longitudinal research study on aging, Melina Elliott, a research coordinator at University of Manitoba at the time, and Erica Henderson, an x-ray technologist and fitness trainer, decided to join forces and go into business together. Their company, Body Measure, opened in July 2018.

Since then, the new venture has really taken off. "We saw more than 700 clients in under nine months," says Melina Elliott. "The need is real. Our strength is the DEXA (Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) machine, which has an error rate of just one per cent. It's the only machine in the world that provides so much quality information on internal body composition in a single scan. 

"And people want to know that information: bone density, body fat percentage, lean muscle mass; sometimes it’s a matter of health."

For Melina Elliott and Erica Henderson, Body Measure was the logical next step in their careers. "We always worked for the well-being of others, to help people live better, longer lives," says Melina Elliott. "Today, we continue that same work with a wide range of clients, including professional athletes, people who are overweight, children and individuals of all ages. We are there for anyone who cares about his or her health."

In addition to the body measurement tests, Body Measure prepares improvement plans for their clients. "The consultation process is very important. We go over the test results with people, explaining what they mean and giving them our recommendations to improve those results. They come back a few months later and we can see the progress they have made."

However, there is still a great need for public education, given that Body Measure is the first company of its kind in the country. "Most people don't know what a DEXA machine is," says Melina Elliott. "Participating in La Fosse aux Lions will help us continue to educate our public, while showing that our services are for everyone and all body types."

"It would be really wonderful to win La Fosse aux Lions, because Erica and I have big dreams of expanding beyond Manitoba. We often say that we're building an empire. The prize money would help us make that dream a reality."




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