La Cabane Guesthouse - Fosse 2018 finalist

March 28, 2018

A special place for visitors to Winnipeg

The La Cabane Guesthouse has been on a roll since it opened in July 2017. Founding manager Dominique Noël could not have asked for a better summer, with her hostel receiving a steady stream of travellers from around the world.

Dominique Noël of La Cabane Guesthouse

And the good news doesn't stop there. After an excellent first summer of business, the founder and manager of the La Cabane Guesthouse, Dominique Noël, is now a La Fosse aux Lions finalist. The nomination could help her further develop the potential of her hostel, located in the heart of St. Boniface.

The wonderful encounters and discoveries that have enriched her life since she opened La Cabane Guesthouse are the primary motivation for the young entrepreneur.

Also a traveler at heart, she has explored many countries and stayed at many hostels.  She felt it was time to return the favour.

"You meet so many interesting people in a hostel," she says. "Many of the people I met while traveling have now become good friends. That's how I see La Cabane Guesthouse: a place for great encounters at the heart of our beautiful city."

Many young people have already stayed at La Cabane Guesthouse for a few nights. Dominique Noël's hostel targets the 20-35 age group. "Most of them are traveling alone and come from Europe, especially Germany. Despite what people think, Winnipeg is actually a very popular tourist city."

The globetrotter explains that Winnipeg's geographic location makes the city a must-see destination for travelers crossing Canada from east to west or vice versa.

Another of La Cabane Guesthouse's strengths is its competitive prices. "Many of my customers have told me that they wouldn't have stopped in Winnipeg if they had to pay $150 a night at a hotel. These people can travel more and for longer periods of time. Staying in an affordable hostel is perfect for them."

La Cabane Guesthouse also encourages tourism in St. Boniface and Winnipeg.  Dominique Noël is committed to making sure that her patrons have a great stay, and wants them to discover the region's potential.  

"Some guests told me that they didn't know what to do in Winnipeg. My mission is to find things they can do in one or two days. And there is so much to do and discover! Our city is a wonderful destination, especially in summer. Some people decide to extend their stay while others make plans to return," she adds.

Dominique Noël has secretly wanted to take part in La Fosse aux Lions for a long time. With the positive support of the people around her, she took the plunge. "I really look forward to sharing my project with a bigger part of the community and maybe even reaching a new public. I think that the neighbourhood of St. Boniface really needs an initiative like La Cabane."

A financial boost would make a huge difference to the young entrepreneur. "This prize would be an incredible reward for all of my hard work. I think I could really tap into the potential of this business venture. I can't wait to show the jury what I have in mind for the future."  

Shared acoomodations ($36/night) or private room ($68/night) with breakfast

 315 Provencher Blvd, Saint-Boniface

204 794-4218

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