Educalme - Fosse 21018 finalist

March 28, 2018

Healing the world with mindfulness

Educalme is the initiative of friends Josianne Barnabé and Kailey Lefko, both teachers who also share a passion for yoga. The pair have joined forces to revolutionize the education world with their mindfulness workshops. The La Fosse aux Lions finalists look forward to introducing Educalme to the entire community, and have more plans in store.

Josianne Barnabé and Kailey Lefko

The Educalme initiative has what its creators feel is a simple yet critical goal: to cultivate mindfulness in children and adults, primarily in the classroom. "We want to equip and empower teachers to practise mindfulness with their students in order to create an atmosphere that is productive, calm and beneficial for children's mental health."

As teachers, Josianne Barnabé and Kailey Lefko observed some of their students trying to cope with stressful situations. They decided to do something to bring calm and well-being into their classrooms.

"We started to develop classroom strategies, introducing our own personal mindfulness activities," says Kailey Lefko. "And we saw the huge and almost immediate difference a mere five minutes of morning practice made."

The results are compelling: students are happier, calmer, more motivated and compassionate, and they have greater self-esteem.

"It's such a joy to see," says Josianne Barnabé. "With our activities, instead of reacting emotionally, the students focus on their breathing to calm themselves down. They have even started to apply the strategies at home, to the delight of their parents."

On seeing the success of this approach, colleagues began to ask Josianne Barnabé and Kailey Lefko for advice. The only issue was the lack of resources available for these practices, especially in French. The two women decided it was time to create Educalme.

Educalme is first and foremost a series of workshops led by the two entrepreneurs in Manitoba schools. They also offer two types of online subscriptions. The first, Educalme Classroom, consists of a complete mindfulness curriculum ready to be used by teachers. "This membership includes lesson plans, awareness practice sessions guided by us and a host of resources for students and teachers alike," says Kailey Lefko.

"It's a very comprehensive subscription, with concrete strategies for learning to use mindfulness in the classroom and in everyday life." A second option, Educalme Family, is a subscription to a library of audio mindfulness practices.

"It's very important for children's mental health and socio-emotional development," says Josianne Barnabé. "Imagine a world in which all children developed self-awareness, compassion and motivation in harmony with themselves. We believe it would be a better world."

Josianne Barnabé and Kailey Lefko see their participation in La Fosse aux Lions as a wonderful opportunity to share their online programs with the French-speaking community.

"We want to share the benefits of mindfulness with the community and develop our partnerships with the schools," says Kailey Lefko. "We especially want to help lower stress and anxiety levels as much as possible, around the world," she concludes.


Josianne Barnabé and Kailey Lefko (owners)

204 999-6329


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