It's a matter of safety

November 23, 2018

Leo Allard is a safety systems inspector who is no stranger to fire alarms and emergency lighting. Last year, he launched his own safety systems inspection company, Love Fire Safety, because safety is also a matter of survival.

A certified inspector for 13 years, Allard worked for a long time with his brother, who is also a safety expert. Today, through his company, Love Fire Safety, Leo performs solo inspections on electronic safety and sprinkler systems, fire alarms, hoses and hydrants, emergency lighting, portable fire extinguishers and CO2 detectors.

"While we tend not to give it much thought, emergency lighting is very important in the event of fire," he says. "The current code requires this lighting to operate for at least 30 minutes after loss of power."

The code and bylaws, which are not always followed, matter a great deal to Allard. "There are provincial and federal laws, and the City of Winnipeg also has its own bylaws. I am there to ensure things are done right, to code, because those standards were all created for important reasons."

People are often unaware that annual inspections are required to maintain a safety system in good working order and effective.

"I can't force people but, more than just the law, it's sometimes a matter of survival. It is critical not to neglect these safety measures because they can really save lives!"  

Leo Allard also performs inspections in businesses and restaurants, which have their own regulations. "Restaurant kitchens require their own system, and six-month safety system inspections are mandatory."  

Training is also available at Love Fire Safety. Wondering if you really know how to use a fire extinguisher? The safety expert can help.

"I took a special course to offer this training. We don't think about it, but using an extinguisher is not as straightforward as it seems, and people often make mistakes in emergency situations."

Leo's services are also available in both French and English. The Ste. Anne native who grew up in St. Boniface is proudly bilingual, as is his company. "I am committed to providing safety services to everyone, at competitive prices and in their language," says Leo Allard.