A New Adventure for Jocelyne Desaulniers

September 29, 2017


"It’s funny how sometimes, even at 62, you can start your life over. Some events change our course and we start a whole new chapter. For me, the future has no limits, like a far-off horizon, full of opportunities!” Jocelyne Desaulniers is enthusiastic as she prepares to embark on a new professional adventure: her own bookkeeping business, Professional Bookkeeping Services.

Jocelyne Desaulniers has more than 15 years' experience in the accounting field, which she is absolutely passionate about. "I love numbers! I really enjoy bookkeeping because it combines mathematics and connecting with and helping people," she says.

Given her varied professional background, Desaulniers could have started a business in a completely different field. She began her career as a real estate agent and went on to become a police officer. Later on, she worked at the Festival du Voyageur and as an event planner. After taking a break from work to look after her four children, she turned to bookkeeping as a family business. "I learned the basics with an accountant, and then took the Level 1 accounting course."

Jocelyne Desaulniers’ adventure doesn't end there. When she was in her forties, she decided to go back to school. She got her Diploma in Business Administration from the École technique et professionnelle technical college at Université de Saint-Boniface, receiving two awards, including the Governor General of Canada’s Academic Medal in 2001. "It was a proud moment for me because I won those awards as a single mother who was still there for my four kids."

Today, after a career path rich in learning and experience, one value is more relevant than ever for Jocelyne: No matter your age, it’s the passion that counts.

"Nowadays, I just want to do something that I love, that brings me joy, helps others, and allows me to grow as a person. And I’ve found it in bookkeeping." Jocelyne Desaulniers's services include preparing reports, providing clarity for customers, and helping them make long-term plans. "Accounting is rarely something that people enjoy doing. It takes time. I'm here to help so that they can focus on their job or on growing their business."

Jocelyne Desaulniers Professional Bookkeeping Services

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