Julie's Creations Gets a New Look

February 23, 2018


Julie’s Creations

Back in 2015, Julie Germain won the Fosse aux lions competition, a fitting recognition of the entrepreneur's Pinawa-based renovation business. Today, the interior decorator is at a turning point in her company's history, having just opened two new showrooms.

After the company gained momentum following the Fosse aux lions victory, Julie Germain decided to step up her business game, and she and her partner set about turning her work space into two showrooms. The pair have lost track of the number of hours they have invested in this project since last October.


Julie Germain, Fosse aux lions winner in 2015

But the change was necessary. "I was wasting a lot of time going to suppliers to meet customers' needs," says Julie. "And then, one day, it came to me: Why not start selling their products directly out of my store?"

The idea was floated, and the supply of products available in Julie’s store has increased considerably. Today, her company offers a flooring line, tiling, custom stools and lighting. She works directly with several carefully selected suppliers in Winnipeg and St. Malo.

"I want to give my customers good value. Now, when they come to our store, they no longer have to pick something out of a catalogue. They can try out the chair or stool on site. That's our advantage over online shopping."

Another new development: her partner Stuart Petersen, who is also an entrepreneur, is now part of the venture. His business, One Stop Counter Shop, also has its own showroom.

Stuart Petersen has been working with stone for 30 years and brings his expertise to customers. "He specializes in countertops with surfaces such as quartz, granite, laminate and more. Rather than making the rounds to see all the products available on the market, a prospective countertop buyer can come directly to us and see everything in one place."

The hallmark of Julie’s business is the relationship she builds with her customers. For her, the most important thing is to understand and advise her customers to effectively meet their needs. "We explain things to our customers. We tell them that there are no bad products, but that it depends on their needs. For instance, putting in glossy wood flooring when you have a dog is not a good idea, and we tell them so."

"We try to guide them in their decisions, telling them why we have trouble seeing certain things in their home. When they hear our explanation, they realize that their choice may not be the best."

After three and a half years, Julie Germain says her business results have been very positive. "Word-of-mouth has been working well, and I have received good feedback about our products. In our upcoming fourth year, we’ll likely meet our year five target."

Enthusiastic and determined, Julie looks to the future with confidence. Her next challenge will be to hire someone to look after the store while she and her partner continue to travel around Manitoba with their mobile showroom. "If I had to do it all over again, I'd jump back in with both feet."


Julie's Creations

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