Ker Breizh: Culinary delights - Breton style!

April 03, 2019

Since October 2018, Ker Breizh has been delighting Manitobans with its mouth-watering sweet and savoury Breton crepes. The French couple, who are finalists in this year's La Fosse aux Lions competition, have plenty of ideas for the future of their catering business.  

Yvonnick Le Lorec and Ketty Pichaud, owners of Ker Breizh

With their seasonal spot at the St. Norbert Farmers' Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays and a stand on Esplanade Riel during the summer months, the owners of Ker Breizh, Yvonnick Le Lorec and Ketty Pichaud, are gradually making a name for themselves in the Manitoba culinary scene.  (WATCH VIDEO)

Their great hope is to win over the hearts of Franco-Manitobans: "We really want to cement our place in the community. It's important to us as French nationals from the Brittany region. We want our culture to enrich and be a part of the local Francophone culture.

Ker Breizh is a double labour of love for the restaurateurs: the love of their Breton culture, which they are very proud of and want to share, and that of their adopted province.

"We finally moved to Manitoba after spending a decade between France and this province because we really feel at home here," says Yvonnick Le Lorec. "We feel strongly about adding our own touch to the Francophone culture. We believe in our Breton culture and the quality of its products."

The French couple is delighted to have been named finalists in La Fosse aux Lions. "Naturally, we'd love to win the competition, but we are already very happy," says Yvonnick Le Lorec. "It's a new phase for the business. We know that there is still a long road ahead, and we aren't resting on our laurels."

The two entrepreneurs have a lot of ideas for Ker Breizh's future. They want to further develop their unique catering service under the personal or home chef concept.   

"Caterers usually just bring you their food," says Yvonnick Le Lorec. "But we bring our material and prepare the sweet and savoury crepes on site, in an atmosphere that is often wonderfully warm and inviting!"

Ker Breizh creates its Breton specialties using local, organic products for businesses and individuals alike. Their flagship product is their homemade salted caramel, a creamy creation from an authentic Breton recipe. Ketty Pichaud also makes tantalizing pastries, including madeleines, kouign-amann Breton cake and Far Breton custard cake, a product line she hopes to expand thanks to La Fosse aux Lions.

"We would use the La Fosse aux Lions prize money to develop our products and material in order to prepare more crepes for the public and make Franco-Manitobans happy," says Yvonnick Le Lorec. 



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