La Cabane Guest House: a Life Experience

August 14, 2017

A new B&B for visitors to St. Boniface


Dominique Noël's dream of opening a B&B for visitors to Winnipeg gradually took shape during the tourism graduate's many trips. A globetrotter at heart, Dominique began travelling at a young age and still spends a lot of her time on the road. In the past few years, she has backpacked through countries in Europe, Asia and Central America.

She even crossed Canada from east to west as a VIA Rail employee.

On her trips, Dominique Noël stayed at many B&Bs and youth hostels, even working there. “In 2010, I made a big trip to Hawaii, where I volunteered at a youth hostel. It was so much fun! You meet a lot of people and make new friends.”

That’s when she got the idea to open her own B&B. Although Noël had been ready to leave everything behind to relocate abroad, she began looking at the tourist accommodation situation for visitors to Winnipeg. She realized that there were very few affordable options for travellers in the Manitoba capital. “With all the city's events and the number of tourists stopping here, the demand is huge.”

So Dominique Noël officially opened her first guesthouse in July 2017, in St. Boniface. “It takes a lot of commitment and hard work! This is also the first summer that I haven't traveled. I've been focused on renovating the house. It's made a huge change in my life, but I'm very happy about it!”


For her, a B&B is a much more than simply a place to stay. “A lot of people think that a B&B is just a cheap roof over your head and a bed to sleep in. For me, it’s an experience. It’s a life experience, an opportunity to meet new friends and learn new things.”

The guesthouse is located at 315 Provencher Boulevard. Dominique Noël chose an old house, which she called "La Cabane," and has been renovating it since August 2016. The French-speaking hostess welcomes visitors to her cozy and comfortable Canadian cottage-style home in the heart of the city.

The house has three bedrooms: two private bedrooms (one with a double bed and the other with two twin beds), and a third shared room with four single beds. The living room and kitchen are common areas where visitors can hang out and socialize. “I've tried to create the best possible dormitory, with a focus on comfort and quality. I really want guests to feel at ease and happy to have a place to stay where they can connect with other people.”

The young entrepreneur worked through the various stages with help from the CDEM.  “The CDEM was very encouraging. The officers understood my vision and motivation, and helped me prepare a business plan. And while I thoroughly enjoyed the renovation process, I am now ready to get La Cabane up and running.”

In addition to her roles as guesthouse host, manager, and housekeeper, Dominique will also serve as a tour guide for her visitors. “I plan to organize at least one or two guided tours each week. I'll show them the city, and will also hold family dinners or barbeques during the summer months. I want to make the overall experience as enjoyable as possible!”

La Cabane Guesthouse

Shared room: $36 / night. Private room: $68 / night.

Address: 315 Provencher Boulevard, St. Boniface

Phone: (204) 794-4218.

Web :