Le Monkey Bar Reaches for New Heights!

May 14, 2019

For the third summer in a row, Le Monkey Bar will be back on the Esplanade Riel pedestrian bridge with new and even more delicious offerings of cookies, cheesecakes, cakes, and pastries.

Run by owners Muriel Dupuis and Rahim Limam, the “Bar” is an eco-friendly kiosk that offers all-vegan desserts; nothing is made from animal products.

After competing in the 2018 edition of La Fosse aux Lions (think Dragon’s Den) and winning in the “audience favourite” category, the Bar’s visibility skyrocketed. The event put Dupuis and Limam squarely on the Francophone community’s radar, and more importantly, gave them a newfound status as professionals.

Limam explains: “We developed our concept at St. Boniface University as students, so at first it was difficult to be taken seriously. La Fosse aux Lions changed everything.”

Last summer, the pair of entrepreneurs generated $50,000 in sales, which allowed them to invest in a professional kitchen.

A key purchase, since La Fosse aux Lions has allowed Dupuis and Limam not only to develop new products but also add a catering service for events and companies. The investment will be money well spent.

Limam remembers when they started catering: “One day, a company called us to make vegan desserts. It was new to us but we couldn’t say no!”

Today they’ve gained experience and can develop and offer products tailored to their customers’ tastes. Their goal for this new season: double their sales compared to 2018!

And with their new neighbours, the Ker Breizh crêperie, winners of the 2019 edition of La Fosse aux Lions, they’re anticipating a successful season. “Ker Breizh will attract a new clientele, who will then discover the products that we offer.”

Dupuis and Limam see this shared territory as a great opportunity, rather than competition. “We complement each other,” says Limam. “Our products are different. We’re just there to support each other so that we both have an excellent business season!”