Maylo Renovations

May 07, 2018

Customer Satisfaction Comes First

Ismail Marrakchi started his renovation company, Maylo Renovations, in August 2016. Today, business is booming, and Ismail plans to hire a full-time employee in the coming months.

Ismael Marrakchi

Ismail Marrakchi describes himself as ‘a jack of all trades.’ His business, Maylo Renovations, gives him the opportunity to be involved in a variety of areas such as roofing, flooring, plumbing, electrical work and painting. Ismail originally hails from Morocco, where he worked as a plumber. When he came to Manitoba in 2002, he wanted to continue in that trade: "When I arrived in Winnipeg, I started looking into it and making contacts. It wasn’t easy, because English isn’t my first language. But I remained patient and didn’t give up."

After several years of doing work for individuals or companies, Ismail Marrakchi decided to start his own company in the summer of 2016. It didn't take long before business started to pick up. Last year's sales already totalled around $30,000. It's an encouraging start, given the trouble he had finding skilled labour.

"It’s a team effort; you can't do it alone. So I have to use sub-contractors to do the work for customers. The problem is that the workers I hire want regular work, which I can't guarantee. It's hard for them when I only use them occasionally."

Ismail has finally put together a good team and is even seeking a full-time employee to help out because "demand continues to rise and diversify, so I need to prepare now to take jobs on. For instance, some customers have roof issues, while others want to redo their floors or get their walls repainted."

The most important thing for Ismail Marrakchi is customer satisfaction. "I recently renovated a bathroom. The owners had hired a contractor who had done a poor job, so I redid the work. The customer was very pleased with the result. It’s so nice to receive praise for my services. It encourages me to do even more."

Ismail is not your typical boss. He visits his job sites often and is always willing to lend a hand. "I like rolling up my sleeves to get the job done. I can't just sit back and watch."


To ensure customer satisfaction, Ismail Marrakchi limits himself to coordinating a maximum of three job sites at a time. "I won't take on more than three. I don't want to take risks just to make more money. I prefer to complete my current jobs properly, rather than chase after more sales. I want to honour my commitments."

Some jobs may occasionally take a few days longer due to unforeseen circumstances. "That’s the renovation business," says Ismail Marrachki. "It’s complicated. But in such cases, the most important thing is communicating with customers."

While there are always some risks in starting a business, the Moroccan-born entrepreneur has no regrets. "I love it. Naturally, there is stress, but my secret is going fishing with my family to unwind. It’s very relaxing."


Maylo Renovations

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