Monkey Bar Pays Off

September 14, 2017

A Lucrative Summer for Monkey Bar

The managers of Monkey Bar have nothing but good things to say after more than three sunny months on Esplanade Riel. New and up-and-coming entrepreneurs Muriel Dupuis and Riham Limam are overjoyed with the success of their business and can already see a bright future filled with new opportunities.

 Riham Limam and Muriel Dupuis, co-owners of Monkey Bar, a summer kiosk on Esplanade Riel

They opened their kiosk in May 2017. Their fresh fruit-based products with no added sugar delighted adults and children alike. It was also a wonderful experience for the Monkey Bar creators, who consider themselves very fortunate. "It’s been a great summer!" says Muriel Dupuis. "The fantastic weather and the Canada Games definitely helped us. The two weeks of the Games were the busiest and most profitable of the summer."

Tourists flowed onto Provencher Bridge, a strategic location close to the Forks and its summer festivals such as the Interstellar Rodeo Music Festival. "The Forks attracts a lot of people during the summer, including tourists and people coming from and going to work," says Muriel Dupuis. “They walk across the bridge and often stop at our kiosk for a refreshing treat."

Despite some of the disadvantages of their location, such as the lack of customer parking, Monkey Bar was extremely successful. "We're very happy because we met all our targets," says Dupuis. "We met our financial $30,000 target, had a surge in social media popularity, and met lots of people. It's wonderful!"



There were, however, some lessons learned. "This experience was an opportunity to tackle challenges and build our confidence," says Riham Limam. "You can't close the kiosk just because a machine isn't working or you run out of a product. When that happened, we offered discounts. You have to be creative and know how to bounce back from unforeseen problems."

The pair hope to repeat this rich learning experience. "We learned so much and really want to continue next summer. While the kiosk will be based on the same principles, we want to re-work our concept."

In the meantime, the two students will be back at USB to complete their Business Administration diploma. Monkey Bar will remain open on weekends, from Friday to Sunday, until September 24. “The plan is to complete our studies, take a little break after a hectic summer, and hope that next summer is as beautiful and profitable as 2017!"


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