More condos for St.Malo

January 30, 2018

A peaceful haven for all ages

The St. Malo condo project for seniors has been making slow but steady progress since 2016. In the wake of the construction and sale of a four-unit block, three more condos went up and are now ready for their happy owners to move in.

Jeannette and Léo Roch’s big idea continues to grow. After selling the first four condos in 2017, they went on to build a block of three more condos of varying dimensions: 956, 1,196 and 1,339 square feet. "The units in the first block were all the same size; this time we wanted to offer people more choices, to meet their different needs," says Léo Roch.

Condominiums Malouin Condos also offer something special that residents don't find in other neighbourhoods: an exceptionally convivial atmosphere.


Art et Eva Milette et Jeannette et Léo Roch à la cérémonie de pelletée de terre en 2015 (de gauche à droite) 

"The Malouin Condo residents tell us they are very happy here," says Léo Roch. "We try to gather at least once a month to spend some quality time together or for the occasional drink. It’s really nice."

The condos have so much to offer. In addition to the warm and friendly atmosphere, there is a heightened sense of security. "If we're ever away for awhile, we know that our neighbours are there to look after our house during our absence. It gives us peace of mind," says Léo Roch.



While the dwellings are available to everyone, including younger adults, they are perfect for seniors. That was Jeannette and Léo Roch’s idea behind the condo project: to provide seniors with accommodations that would make their lives easier. "When you reach retirement age, it’s often difficult to maintain your property. And people often have other plans. Here, it’s simple and easy to maintain, with design layouts to suit all ages."

These modern and fully accessible units are a real peaceful haven, to the delight of Malouin Condo residents from the area and beyond. Jeannette and Léo Roch hope to continue construction soon to get closer to their ultimate target of 32 units.


  • Single floor units only - no steps
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Variety of floor plans
  • Attached garage
  • Ample storage
  • Walking distance from exercise facility
  • 15 minutes aways from medical clinic with doctor, nurse practitioner, dentist and chiropractor

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