Rat River Outdoors Expanding

December 13, 2017

Innovate, Evolve: the Key to Success

In 2009, when Daniel and Micheline Malo created Rat River Outdoors, their hunting equipment and services business, they knew where they wanted to go. What they couldn’t have foreseen was the speed at which they would get there. After winning the big Fosse aux Lions prize in 2016, their business really took off, and their wildest dreams came true when they expanded their store and diversified their services.

Micheline and Daniel Malo, owners of Rat River Outdoors, are expanding their shop.

"It’s hard to sum up everything that has happened since 2016," says Daniel Malo. "There are so many things! We always knew we wanted to expand our business." Malo, who owns the business, is still celebrating his Fosse aux Lions win in 2016. It was a real springboard for their company, which was able to take a major step forward thanks to the $15,000 in prize money. "It moved us toward the expansion we had planned. We used some of the money to invest in a POS (point of sale) system to facilitate our inventory management, which has significantly alleviated a lot of concerns."

Daniel and Micheline Malo have now decided to diversify their business by adding a fishing service. "While everyone assumes that lots of people hunt during the summer, that's not actually the case. People tend to go camping and fishing, do work around the house or look after their gardens. There isn’t really time for hunting. So we had to find a way to stabilize our income during the summer months."

This fishing component is a perfect fit for the Malo family. "We love to fish! My four boys are crazy about fishing. Plus, it's a much more affordable family activity, unlike hunting, which can be quite expensive. So we are hoping to significantly grow our customer base."

This new feature comes with additional services, including passport photos, new camping equipment, and more firearms and hunting gear. After taking their safety course, Rat River Outdoors customers can now get their picture taken for their hunting licence on the premises. "It’s a real boon to have the equipment we need to offer this service," says Daniel Malo.

After all these "little orchestrated steps," as Daniel Malo calls them, it’s clear that Rat River Outdoors is in great shape. Slow and steady is the road to their success. "We don’t want to go too fast but grow gradually over time," says Daniel Malo. "Things are working very well for us that way. Little by little, we are seeing major changes for the better."


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