The Future is Bright for Raysolar

June 22, 2017

Come rain, wind or snow, Saturday, June 24 will be a bright day for Raynald Pambrun. The sun's rays will be heading straight for 850 Marion Street, the location of Ray Pambrun's new Raysolar store.


It's a nice play on words for this entrepreneur, who specializes in solar panels and renewable energy solutions. After spending a decade in the Kenora area, Raynald Pambrun is expanding his renewable technology business to Winnipeg.

In 2009, while working as an engineer at Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Raynald saw a great opportunity when he noted the number of solar products on the market. "I worked very hard to specialize in this field. Although the technology was still in its infancy stage in Manitoba, I always thought that when the market was ready, I would return to Winnipeg to develop it further."


Ray Pambrun, who was born and raised in St. Boniface, always intended to come back to his roots to share this revolutionary technology with his community. "Our office and warehouse will be located in St. Boniface. We want to build a relationship with the community and develop our network as a reputable and trusted company.  

Solar energy is a growing trend at the heart of Canada. These wind- and sun-based technologies have a number of advantages, including significant cost reductions for customers.

"With the rapid advances in technology, material costs have dropped by nearly 100 per cent in the past 10 years, which is very encouraging! It's really the right time to invest in renewable energy, especially when you consider the current impacts of climate change. 

Customized approach

To meet his customers' specific needs, Ray Pambrun works with specialized architects and engineers to provide customized systems. "There are a lot of calculations and accuracy involved. We help create systems that keep Hydro Manitoba costs as low as possible. Some of our solutions can cut costs by as much as 50 to 90 per cent. People are often not aware of those potential savings."

Raysolar also offers training sessions for electricians and other interested professionals. "We want to help as many people as possible. With our engineers and the available training, we can assist installers with small or major projects, at a reduced cost."

As an engineering and product design specialist, Raysolar has the expertise to build its own materials. While it offers customized products, the company also distributes products from various manufacturers based in Canada, the US and even Europe. "Partnerships are a key component of our approach. We partner with installers, electricians, contractors, and dealers to help grow solar panel businesses in Canada." 

t: 204-414-7297       850 Marion St.