What is a Co-op?

What is a Co-op?

In addition to the private and public sectors, there exists a third sector of activity called co-ops (cooperative movement), which are entities that endeavour to fill a need to which neither the market or the government can respond. 

Manitoba's co-ops are made up of workers, consumers or client-users who have decided to work together on a common basis in order to achieve moral, social, and economic objectives.

Examples of co-ops in Manitoba are: credit unions, agricultural co-ops, child-care (daycare)  centres, etc.

The CDEM, in cooperation with the CMM (Conseil de la Coopération du Manitoba), also has a mandate to promote the co-op movement in Manitoba to further the economic development of Manitoba's Francophone communities.

The CDEM offers services and expert advice to anyone or groups who wish to organize a co-op.


7 Steps To Create a Co-operative: 

  • Assemble a group of interested people
  • Conduct a pre-feasibility study
  • Hold an organizing meeting
  • Conduct a viability study
  • Organize the association
  • Organize the enterprise
  • Hold the initial general meeting


Different Types of Co-operatives:

  • Financial Co-operatives
  • Retail Co-operatives
  • Service Co-operatives
  • Producer Co-operatives
  • Worker Co-operatives
  • Multi-Stakeholder Co-operatives


CDEM's co-operative sector can help you with: 

  • Study ideas of collective entreprises, action plans, development of projects
  • Grant and loan proposals
  • Potential exploration of a territory
  • Mobilization of stakeholders and the community
  • Strategic Planning
  • Professional assistance for working committees
  • Design, drafting and updating of administrative and financial tools
  • Development and delivery of training in appropriate formats


You wish to obtain more information? Organize a new co-op?

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