St. Claude

St. Claude is located in southcentral Manitoba and sits along Provincial Trunk Highway 2, approximately 97 kilometres southwest of Manitoba's largest city, Winnipeg. St. Claude is also approximately 85 kilometres north of the U.S.A. border crossing at Maida, North Dakota. The town is nestled in the agricultural heartland of Manitoba in the Rural Municipality of Grey, a region that includes grain crops, cattle raising, pork production and dairy farms. 

The town has a very strong French-Canadian background and one also finds people of many other nationalities there, including English, Belgian, Swiss, Ukranian, Dutch, Asian and Métis, who are well-represented in the area.

Dairy products  play an important role in the local economy since the processing plant owned by industry giant Parmalat is located in St. Claude, where it employs approximately 35 people. The plant produces cream, powdered skim milk and butter. The St. Claude Health Centre is also one of the town’s main employers with a staff of approximately 70 people.

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Village of St. Claude

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