The Rural Municipality of Alexander is located just over 100 kilometers northeast of Winnipeg, the provincial capital. It covers an area of 1,568 square kilometers in a region that can best be described as being covered with forests and rivers. This accounts for the two major industries in the region: pulp and paper (including lumber) as well as hydroelectric power. Other sectors of activity include agriculture (most notably sod and the cultivation of wild rice), commercial fishing on Lake Winnipeg and the Winnipeg River and also mining.

The bilingual community of St. Georges is nestled between the historic Winnipeg River and the Brightstone Sand Hills Provincial Forest, in the Rural Municipality of Alexander. It is the only Francophone community in the municipality as well as the northeasternmost Franco-Manitoban community in the province, with approximately one sixth (500 residents) of the municipality’s total population of just under 3,000 people. Other major towns in the municipality include nearby Powerview and Pine Falls, which together recently became Manitoba’s 17th bilingual municipality, as well as Stead and Great Falls.

The principal and unique assets of this region are water related recreational activities such as fishing, sailing, boating and swimming, while the area is also rich in history relating to the fur trade (the RM of Alexander lies at the northern end of the La Vérendrye Trail) and aboriginal settlement. As such, St. Georges and the municipality are a popular destination for summer vacationers and tourists, causing the local population to increase by the thousands at that time of year.

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