De Salaberry

The Rural Municipality of De Salaberry is located in the southeastern part of Manitoba, 50 kilometres south of Winnipeg via Provincial Trunk Highway # 59. The communities of St. Pierre Jolys, St. Malo, Otterburne, La Rochelle, Dufrost and Carey are located within the limits of the municipality. This area, with a population of approximately 3,400 residents, is also known as the Chaboillé region, named after the prominent fur trader Charles Jean-Baptiste Chaboillé, who established the area’s first trading post in 1799 at the fork of the Rat and Red rivers.

The municipality’s towns are all located on the rivers and creeks as well as adjacent to the magnificent woodlands that help to beautify the surrounding landscape. St. Malo Provincial Park contains an artificial lake that was created as a result of the construction of a dam on the Rat River. This exceptionally beautiful park has become an outstanding summer destination for cottagers and campers alike. More than 250,000 people visit the park on an annual basis, which is open the year round.

The rich agricultural lands and the farming community are the primary attributes of the Rural Municipality of De Salaberry, with crop yields that rank among the highest in Canada. The municipality’s many farms support numerous small businesses in the region, such as grain cleaning operations, the grain elevators in Dufrost, the feed mills in the Otterburne area as well as several business concerns in the towns of St. Pierre Jolys and St. Malo.

The residents across this region greatly enjoy celebrating their French-Canadian heritage with festivals and various other events. Indeed, the Francophone/ bilingual communities of the area have a rich and diverse cultural and community life. Regional bilingual services are offered in St. Pierre Jolys by the provincial and federal governments, owing to the town’s large population of French-Canadian background (nearly 70%). 

The major urban centers that are located within close proximity to De Salaberry are: Winnipeg (approx. 50 km to the north) and Steinbach (approx. 25 km to the east); the American border is approximately 45 km to the south via Hwy 59.

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