The Town of Somerset is located 130 kilometres southwest of the provincial capital of Winnipeg, at the junction of Provincial Trunk Highway #23 and Provincial Road #242. Somerset lies on the edge of the beautiful Pembina Hills in southwestern Manitoba, where the gently rolling landscape is a patchwork of grain fields dotted with woodlands and pothole marshes.

Somerset is a friendly, rural community of approximately 450 people that offers a prosperous business environment, a variety of clubs and service organizations and a very active group of citizens.

Farming and livestock production are major staples of the local economy. Grain and oilseed crops are grown extensively in the surrounding region as well as many specialty crops, including lentils, peas and millet. The area also supports many large hog barns and livestock operations as well as poultry farms that supply meat products to world markets.

Dairy farms as well as PMU (pregnant mare urine) farms are also found throughout the municipality. Somerset has approximately 40 business establishments in the immediate area to provide products and services to residents and farmers. Also, the Regional Health Authority for central Manitoba is located in the town of Somerset.

Town of Somerset

Box 187 Somerset, Manitoba R0G 2L0 Phone: (204) 744 2171