The Rural Municipality of Taché is situated in southcentral Manitoba and sits right in the middle of the fertile prairie farm lands that buckle up against the western edge of the Canadian Shield. The scenic Seine River meanders throughout the region. The Town of Lorette, the municipality's largest centre, is approximately 20 kilometres south of the capital city, Winnipeg. Lorette has been in existence since circa 1860. This establishes the district as one of the oldest localities in the Province of Manitoba. Today, the town has over 2,000 residents and, in a recent survey, Lorette was found to be one of the least expensive places to own a home in the capital region surrounding Winnipeg.

Dufresne, Ste. Geneviève, Rosewood, Ross and Elm Grove are other nearby towns. Many families in the area have direct ties to ancestors who originally settled the land during the second half of the 19th century. The community is a cultural mosaic of people: French Canadian, Métis, English and Slavic cultures are well represented in the municipality's communities. 

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Rural Municipality of Taché

28007 Mun Road 52N Box 100 Lorette, Manitoba R0A 0Y0 Phone: 204 878-3321
Email: info@rmtache.ca
Website: http://www.rmtache.ca