Vision Plans

The Vision Plans are community planning projects that have been spearheaded by the CDEM (Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities). They are economic development tools that enable the bilingual municipalities to articulate their vision of the future. They allow communities to prioritize and build on industrial, commercial, residential and tourism projects that reflect their specific opportunities and needs.

You can download the Vision Plans from these communities:

Chaboillé EN FR (2003)

La Broquerie EN FR (1999)

Lorette EN FR (2003)

Lourdéon EN FR (2009)

Montcalm EN FR (2001)

Riel EN FR (1999)

Ritchot EN (2009)

Somerset EN FR (2003)

Ste. Anne EN (2000)

St. Claude EN FR (2001)

St. Georges EN FR (2002)

St. Georges EN (2007)

St. Laurent EN (2011)

St. Lazare EN (2001)