We have it in our power to begin the world over again.

 - Thomas Paine


Eco-West's vision: To ensure the growth and prosperity of Western Canada’s municipalities through planning and implementation of Green Economy Infrastructure.

Western Canada’s Green Economy Commercialization Initiative

Project Eco-West aims to get rural communities involved in greening their local economies through the creation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories and the development of Climate Change local action plans (CCLAP), supporting municipalities seeking green technology commercialization opportunities, attracting foreign direct investments and training a skilled workforce.

The main areas of focus for the Eco-West project include:

  • Community engagement (PCP Milestones 1 to 4)
  • Validating and replicating municipal composting business case
  • Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Projects
  • Municipal Infrastructure Redevelopment Projects (e.g. waste water treatment, electric vehicles/transportation corridors, district heating, etc.)

The Eco-West project facilitates match-making between communities and:

  • Companies looking to  bring to market green technologies that have already been developed or are in the process of being developed
  • Companies (local and foreign) in the green technology sector seeking to invest and settle in North America.

This initiative will help rural communities in Western Canada plan for real, achievable actions with sustainable results, proving to funders that projects are well designed and shovel ready, creating a stronger case for funding. 

Eco-West’s measurable objectives:

  • 13 Climate Change Local Action Plans (CCLAP) on behalf of 40 Western Canadian communities
  • 7 infrastructure projects worth approximately $15 Million
  • Commercialization of green technology
  • Foreign direct investment attraction
  • Increase number of highly qualified personnel/staff in rural settings
  • Increase in venture capital and angel investments

Climate Change Local Action Plans (CCLAP)

  • Increased buy-in of green economy concept from RMs because of demonstrated successes
  • With the participating municipalities, the Eco-West team will facilitate their process through the first 4 milestones of the FCM’s Partnership for Climate Protection (PCP) program

CCLAP Milestones

  • GHG emissions inventory
  • Setting an emissions reduction target
  • Developing a GHG emissions reduction action plan
  • Implementing the local action plan or a set of activities