Destination Emploi: Summer Sessions

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Earn up to $350 per week with Destination Emploi this summer!

The next training starts on May 1st. Register now!


Register now for Destination emploi, a CDEM paid training for 15-30 years old,

Destination emploi is a training paid at the minimum wage, for 15 to 30-year-old. It lasts 16 weeks (5 weeks of theoretical training and 11 weeks of practical training).

During this seventeen-week training session, participants aged 15-30 years old receive minimum wage. Here, you learn not only how to build a résumé but also how to prepare for the job market. You learn about workplace etiquette, how to interview well, and how to be a model employee. You also take part in all sorts of workshops, for example, a work safety training session led by Safe Workers of Tomorrow and financial management sessions. In addition, you’ll do mock job interviews with people from outside CDEM in order to be better prepared.

Those who complete the program go on to find a job themselves. The program boasts a success rate of over 85%!

Eligibility criteria

  • Ability to speak French
  • 15 go 30 years old
  • Unemployed or working on average less than 20 hours/week
  • Not currently enrolled in a secondary, university, or college-level program
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident status
  • Not currently receiving Employment Insurance benefits
  • Availability for training from 9 a.m. to 3:30* p.m, Monday to Friday  (*time subject to change)
  • Be a resident of Manitoba to be able to attend the sessions in person