Structured Mentoring Program

Structured Mentoring Program

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ProAction: Structured Mentoring Program

Are you a highly skilled bilingual immigrant? You could benefit from the Structured Mentoring Program, a career coaching service designed specifically to support companies and facilitate your integration in Manitoba! 

Project Overview  

  • Training and job-coaching for highly qualified French bilingual newcomers.  
  • Salary subsidy for each recruited candidate participating in the Program.  
  • Follow-up of new hires 2 hours per week by an in-house Mentor during the first 16 weeks of their employment contract.  

Employers: What can internationally educated professionals bring to your business?  

  • A more diverse and inclusive workplace,  
  • Cultural know-how for business development,  
  • Creativity and new visions,  
  • Linguistic expertise.  

Yes, I’d like to participate as an employer!

Job Seekers: How will you benefit from our program?  

  • Acquire a first Canadian work experience in your own field,  
  • Understand local workplace culture for a better integration,  
  • Enhanced skills and knowledge transfer through mentorship, 

Yes, I’d like to participate as a job seeker! 

NEW: The program is now accepting Ukrainian refugees and temporary permits.



Stevens Niamien, Coordonnateur du projet pancanadien de mentorat
Contact us: 

Stevens Niamien, Pancanadian Mentoring Program Coordinator