• Lynne Lemoine Liaison Officer of Community Economic Development llemoine@cdem.com
  • Christian Fais Liaison Officer of Community Economic Development cfais@cdem.com
  • Jean-Michel Beaudry Coordinator of Community Economic Development jmbeaudry@cdem.com

Community Economic Development

"Building prosperous communities together…"

The Rural Development  sector is responsible for services offered to Community Development Corporations (CDCs) in the implementation of concrete community or private projects. The people who are spearheading community-based projects in each of the bilingual municipalities can count on the CDEM for advice in business matters, finances, communications and tourism to ensure successful project completion.

The sector's mandate consists of offering the best possible service to Community Development Corporations and work collaboratively with them towards the implementation of development projects derived mainly from "Vision" plans.

The Choice Matrix

Easy to find Community Economic Development (CED) tools for you and your project.

Community Development Corporations (CDC's)

Bilingual municipalities are served by a Community Development Corporation (CDC) which works in partnership with the CDEM. CDC's and CDEM work as a team.


A cooperative is an independent association of people together voluntarily to satisfy their common aspirations and economic, social and cultural needs by way of a business that is collectively owned.