Our Approach

For the Community, by the Community

In 1996, bilingual municipalities unveiled their Vision plans that highlighted ambitious development goals. Since then, the CED team within the AMBM Group has been consulting regularly with its members to identify new needs, set new priorities and develop new strategies. This information serves as the basis for the development of the DEC’s annual action plan. The data collected is also analyzed and transmitted to different levels of government to assist our leaders in their strategic decision-making and to contribute to the evaluation of their programs. 


This approach, which emphasizes the implementation of projects for and by the community, strengthens the capacity of the CED liaison officers who support project leaders with their organizations. It allows them, among other things, to address supposedly isolated issues and provide appropriate regional solutions. For example, the CED has played a leading role in improving the Internet network of bilingual municipalities by facilitating their inclusion in service provider deployment plans. 

Integrated Approach

The CED team draws on the expertise of its partners and takes an integrated approach in several sectors. This is particularly the case in the areas of sustainable development with Eco-West, early childhood with the Fédération des parents de la francophonie manitobaine and the Université de Saint-Boniface or tourism with Travel Manitoba and Tourisme Riel. This approachbased on the sharing of knowledge and the convergence of actions, has helped shape new opportunitiesmobilize the actors of the community around specific issues and improve the human and financial resources invested. 

Knowledge Exchange

Enriching oneself by offering as much as receiving,” knowledge exchanges are “informal exchange currencies” in which the CED invests time and energy. These exchanges may include information exchanges, contacts, document sharing, and the resulting gains are measured in time, financial or quality. Unlike a donation, the exchange claims the notion of consideration. From our perspective, reciprocity is manifested in the active participation of members in their networks. 

The CED is fully invested in the RDÉE Canada network (Table GTEE in Sustainable Development and the Early Childhood Committee) and runs a network of economic champions that we call internally, the Eco Network. Networking opportunities are valuable, so is the CDEM structure. With a wealth of expertise in the various sectors of the CDEM, and the strength of the AMBM Group, our ability to share knowledge is even broader. 

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