Entrepreneurs and Summer Programs

Été en affaires
16 to 35 years old

The Été en Affaires (Summer in Business) program is designed to encourage French-speaking youth in Manitoba’s bilingual municipalities to experience entrepreneurship by starting their own businesses. CDEM advisors help them start their business and provide advice throughout the summer to optimize the company’s operations. Businesses are eligible for a CDEM grant up to $1,000, and young entrepreneurs also have access to CDEM’s advice.

Été en affaires/Hiver en affaires 14-17 years old – Grant up to $500
Entrepreneurs en herbe 18-35 years old – Grant up to $1000

Pitch Contest
14 to 18 years old

Make a two-minute video in French about your business and you could win a prize worth up to $250!

Entrepreneur Camp (Virtual)
9 to 13 years old

The Entrepreneur Camp is a crash-course about starting and running a small summer business! The content, offered in French, will be offered in a virtual format: you will have all the tools and resources so that youth aged 9 to 13 learn how to find good business ideas, promote their business and manage their finances.

The camp focuses on the following three areas: education, experience and learning while having fun!

Entrepreneurship Club at the Université de Saint-Boniface

The Student Entrepreneurship Club at the Université de Saint-Boniface (CEE-USB) is a club of French-speaking students who want to develop entrepreneurship in Manitoba.

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