Entrepreneurs 14 to 17 years old

Été en affaires et Hiver en affaires
14 à 17 ans

The Été en Affaires (Summer in Business) and Hiver en affaires program is designed to encourage French-speaking youth in Manitoba’s bilingual municipalities to experience entrepreneurship by starting their own businesses. CDEM advisors help them start their business and provide advice throughout the summer to optimize the company’s operations. Businesses are eligible for a CDEM grant up to $500 and young entrepreneurs also have access to CDEM’s advice.

Été en affaires – April to September
Hiver en affairs – October to March


Camp Entrepreneur
9 à 13 ans

The Entrepreneur Camp is a French crash course about starting and running a small summer business! You will have all the tools and resources so that youth aged 9 to 13 learn how to find good business ideas, promote their business and manage their finances. The camp focuses on the following three areas: education, experience and learning while having fun!

Entrepreneurs 15-30
15-30 years old

An initiative of RDÉE Canada, Entrepreneurs 15-30 is the site dedicated to young Francophones aged 15 to 30 in Canada to:

  • Discover entrepreneurship
  • Explore every step from idea to launch
  • Present resources in French

Visit the website entrepreneurs1530.ca

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