Tourism Services

The tourism sector of CDEM is involved in several regional, provincial and/or federal projects to continue to support and encourage the development of bilingual tourism products and services existing in Manitoba. It provides support services to bilingual entrepreneurs and communities within the province. The tourism sector promotes tourism as an economic vector and is part of RDÉE Canada’s pan-Canadian francophone tourism corridor strategy.

Bonjour Manitoba is the brand of the tourism sector at CDEM. This brand showcases our rural bilingual municipalities and their tourism products – unique products reflecting the distinctive heritage of Francophones and Métis in Manitoba.

Services for entrepreneurs and members of the AMBM

Support for the development of experiences and destinations

  • Human and sometimes financial support to the development of Francophone and/or Métis products and experiences
  • Support the development of projects with a focus of at least one of these tourism priorities/trends:
    • Francophone and Métis culture and heritage;
    • Francophone and Métis visual or performing arts;
    • Events and festivals;
    • Places in nature that showcase the francophone and Métis culture and heritage;
    • Winter and shoulder season tourism;
    • Themed tourist circuits;
    • Other current trends.
  • Support for the development of destinations that highlight the French and/or Michif language
  • Facilitate the creation of tourism partnerships to ensure the completion of successful projects
  • Develop project plans and budgets
  • Support with research and writing of grant applications

Marketing and Content Creation Support

  • Creation of tourist brochures by region, theme and / or season.
  • Digital and print marketing support for marketable projects
  • Update and share high-quality photos of market-ready travel experiences and destinations
  • Support for festivals and events (promotion, etc.)
  • Participate in community kiosks to promote marketable products from our members
  • Review marketing plans

Training and Expert Advice

  • Offer training and webinars on demand
  • Offer training and webinars such as: Interpretation, Creating a Farmer’s Market, Creating a Marketing and Communications Plan, Diversification of Funds and more
  • Create and provide tools and share research
  • Offer individual coaching for entrepreneurs and groups
  • Present to various groups on topics related to tourism
  • Coordinate a newsletter to partners in the tourism industry to inform them about news, opportunities, training, grants and more

Positioning and Strategy

  • Participate on strategic committees to ensure the vitality of Francophone tourism in the province

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