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Taking advantage of the benefits Manitoba has to offer

1. A Bilingual Workforce

Manitoba has more than 100,000 people who can speak both official languages. While the majority are located in Winnipeg, several francophone communities and bilingual municipalities offer a skilled bilingual workforce.

Manitoba welcomes between 200 and 600 Francophone immigrants each year. Thanks to its immigration and employability services, the CDEM supports nearly 40% of them in their process of economic integration. If you are looking for bilingual labour, please contact us!

2. Manitoba, a Global Transportation Hub

Manitoba’s central location makes it a strategic centre in North America to import and export to Asia, America and Europe. The federal government has developed an area conducive to international trade: CentrePort Canada. The hub of a vast transportation network, this HUB includes an efficient rail, air and land transport system. The opening of a new mega delivery center by Amazon in Winnipeg in 2021 will make trade easier.

3. Sustanaible and affordable energy

Manitoba is in the unique position of having the resources, experience and wherewithal to become Canada’s renewable energy powerhouse.

4. Overview of three sectors and key industries


Manitoba is a global agricultural power that has capitalized on its strengths by developing a cutting-edge industry around food processing, agricultural equipment, manufacturing, packaging, bioproducts; functional and nutraceutical foods. The sector is supported by an effective education and training system; and a high-performing research and development sector. Among the many agricultural businesses are HyLife in the municipality of La Broquerie, Hemp Oil in the municipality of Ritchot, or Roquette in Portage-La-Prairie.


Canada is a world leader in aerospace and Manitoba is home to the largest aerospace centre in Western Canada. In this highly competitive industry, Manitoba can take advantage of hosting:

  • Canada’s largest aerospace composite manufacturing centre.
  • The world’s largest independent gas turbine engine repair and overhaul company;
  • The world-renowned composite innovation center and two of the world’s most advanced aircraft engine test and certification centres;
  • An innovative, internationally recognized supplier and supply chain development program: Competitive Edge Supplier Development Program
    This growing cluster is made up of world leaders (StandardAero, Boeing Canada Winnipeg and Magellan Aerospace) and a dense SMEs fabric essential to the development of the sector.
State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies

Manitoba is the leading manufacturing hub in Western Canada. In 2018, our manufacturing companies exported more than $10.5 billion worth of goods worldwide. They work in various sectors, including transport, textiles, furniture, and are distinguished in particular by their original equipment manufacturers.

5. An ecosystem conducive to development

Manitoba hosts innovation centres supported by the provincial government and university campuses. Business incubators and accelerators are available to help you turn innovative ideas into competent companies such as North Forge. CDEM works with organizations such as the World Trade Centre or Economic Development Winnipeg to best answer your questions and support you in your success.

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