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Economic Development

The desire to establish an organization that would defend the political interests of Manitoba’s bilingual municipalities has always been accompanied by an intention to act on their economic development. Taking into account the particularities of each region and the uniqueness of its communities, the CED contributes to positive developments in the structural changes of municipalities. Actions in economic development generate stability, resilience, enrichment, quality of life and well-being.

Our strategic partners are the member municipalities and their CDCs. The CED is there to support these economic champions. They are the heart of Manitoba’s Francophonie and the economic driver of Manitoba’s bilingual territories. Their dedication is the source of the development of OLMCs (official language minority communities) in Manitoba. Do you have an economic development project that you would like to share with us? Contact us by filling out this form!

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Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is a central issue in the economic development of communities. Formerly a part of CDEM’s Green Economy sector, Eco-West’s mandate is to encourage Western Canadian municipalities to help make their local and regional economies greener through the creation of greenhouse gas emissions inventories, as well as the development of local climate change action plans.

Since 2019, CDEM has also been engaged with other French-speaking economic organizations and RDÉE Canada in carrying out sustainable development activities that focus on three priority issues:

  • Raising awareness among bilingual municipalities
  • Identify, mobilize and engage key industry partners
  • Supporting the implementation of entrepreneurial and community projects in the green economy

Are you interested in developing a sustainable development project? Contact us by filling out this form!

Success Stories

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Community Development

Within the CED sector, when we talk about community development, we are referring to an investment in the common, the local and the identity. This includes three key aspects:

  • Sharing information and maintaining partner networks;
  • Support for industry players and the creation of new entities;
  • The incubation and support of new projects.

As with economic development, our strategic partners are the Community Development Corporations (CDCs), but several French-speaking players work in this environment, allowing for more diverse collaborations. It is also worth noting many projects carried out in conjunction with the Réseau communautaire of SFM and the Association culturelle de la francophonie manitobaine.

Are you interested in developing a community development project? Contact us by filling out our form!

Success Stories

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Cooperative Development and Social and Solidarity Economy

Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC) has set a goal by 2024 to create an environment conducive to the development of cooperatives and mutuals. To this end, CMC assumes its status as a national leader in the cooperative model by teaching, promoting and creating networking and engagement opportunities at the national and international level. As a member of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC), and in partnership with Caisse Groupe Financier, the Manitoba Co-operative Association and the Province, we are involved in the socio-economic development of Manitoba’s Francophone communities. That’s why we support co-ops that contribute to the economic, social and cultural influence of the province. While they represent only a small portion of all the organizations that receive our support, co-ops and social enterprises have our full attention. Great successes of French-speaking cooperative projects have emerged in recent years, such as the Saint-Léon wind cooperative, the Vélo-cité cooperative and ‘’Vert de terre’’ cooperative garden. Others are in progress such as the Rendez-vous Estates housing co-op in Lorette. There are also beautiful examples of social enterprises such as that of the newspaper, La Liberté or the project of the future store of the Centre Flavie-Laurent.


Are you interested in cooperatives and the social and solidarity economy? Sign up for CCEDNet’s annual gathering, Le Rassemblement/The Gathering event! At this annual event, you will be immersed in the world of social and solidarity economy!

Contribution to Community Strategies

Manitoba’s Francophonie Strategic Plan, Ensemble vers 2035…

Manitoba’s Francophonie Strategic Plan, Ensemble vers 2035… is the result of extensive consultation. Adopted unanimously at the SFM AGM on October 27, 2016, SFM and participating organizations are now ensuring its implementation. In this context, the CDEM sits on the Table dedicated to Axis 5: Capacités et structures sociales, communautaires et institutionnelles.

AMBM Group’s Economic Recovery Strategy

Coming soon – The pandemic has deeply affected our communities. As part of an economic recovery strategy, the AMBM Group surveyed its members to define their new priorities for economic development and sustainable development. The data is being analyzed and will be shared with institutional and community partners in the near future.

Rural Development Strategy

Coming soon – The rural development strategy initiated by the AMBM Group and SFM, with the help of all community organizations interested in this issue, is to optimize the delivery of programs and access to French-language services in rural Manitoba.

Francophone Provincial Tourism Strategy

Coming soon – Since 2019, CDEM has been engaged in a process of developing a French-language tourism strategy led by Travel Manitoba in association with Tourisme Riel. This strategy is on the verge of being formalized, but already the sector is mobilizing and working together on product development/enhancement and marketing.

Corridor Canada

This initiative led by RDEE Canada is supported at the provincial level by the CDEM. The Corridor aims to highlight the French and Acadian culture and heritage of every province and territory in Canada. It provides service and development of French-language tourism products, both domestic and international.

Early Childhood Regional Strategy

Led by RDEE Canada, ACUFC and CNPF at the national level, the FPFM, the ETP and the CDEM surveyed early childhood stakeholders to develop a regional strategy with the ultimate goal of creating new childcare spaces in French. Since 2018, this initiative has led us to support many projects to create or expand daycares of all types, private or non-profit.

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