Who We Are

Since 1996, the Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM) has been the driving force behind economic development in 15 bilingual communities of Manitoba. We work in the following sectors: employability and immigration, business services, community economic development, tourism, youth and communications.

Our Vision

To be a key player in the economic development of Manitoba’s Francophonie at provincial and national levels.

Our Mission

CDEM upholds its leadership role by being an essential partner in facilitating and supporting community economic and entrepreneurial development on the territory of members of the Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities.

Our Mandate

Ensure the economic vitality of our member communities and Manitoba’s Francophonie by encouraging and carrying out the following activities:

  • Support the Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities’ global vision for economic development.
  • Facilitate and articulate economic planning for the territory of municipalities that are members of the Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities.
  • Cooperate with local leadership in order to identify the potential for each region.
  • Cooperate with local leadership in order to carry out concrete economic development projects.
  • Support the communities, the individuals or the groups in the implementation of specific projects, especially by coordinating the studies required to verify their potential and feasibility.
  • Provide to the interested individuals and groups the tools needed for the creation of community development corporations, as well as the creation of small and medium businesses in municipalities part of the Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities
  • Stimulate business creation, entrepreneurial spirit, employability and community economic development among Francophones in Manitoba
  • In collaboration with the appropriate institutions and individuals, initiate and participate in the development of training programs for entrepreneurs.
  • Develop and encourage mechanisms that highlight the value of entrepreneurship.
  • Ensure the sustainable development of our communities.

Our Values

Collaboration: With an attitude of respectful and courteous listening, mutual trust and collaboration with all our business partners, clients and stakeholders, we foster new, innovative ideas and share them to achieve success.

Leadership: Through our attitudes and behaviours, we are at the forefront, innovative and creative, in order to positively influence our environment and bring together our stakeholders through actions oriented towards a shared vision.

Engagement: Promote communication between work teams to ensure a positive cohesiveness in achieving our common goals. We value cooperation with our partners and the importance of meeting their expectations and overall satisfaction.

Annual Reports

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Financial Statements 2022-2023
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Rapport d'activités 2022-2023
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Finances 21-22
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Financial Statements 2020-2021
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