The exploratory visit, an essential step to a successful integration in Manitoba 

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Under the Manitoba Nominee Program (CMAP), the exploratory visit is requested for applicants who do not have an established connection such as family or friends in Manitoba. It allows prospective immigrants to establish a real and essential first contact with their future home province. Participants will have the opportunity to meet with various representatives from different sectors such as employment, housing, banking, etc. and as a result, start to forge ties with the Franco-Manitoban community.  

Julie Cordova, a participant in an exploratory visit in 2018 still talks about her experience with great enthusiasm: 

  “Thanks to these visits, we met Canadians with whom we are still in contact today and that was really the positive side of this exploratory visit. With the connections we started to build during this visit, we were also able to prepare, and ask them questions before arriving in Winnipeg.”    


  The exploratory visit is entirely the responsibility of the candidates, including accommodation, food and any travel costs associated. It can be carried out within a period of 7 to 10 days.  Only the principal applicant must carry out the exploratory visit, but the whole family is also welcome to join. At the end of the exploratory visit, an interview is scheduled with a representative of the Manitoba immigration office to validate the application.  

  Julie Cordova underlines the importance of this visit in their immigration project: 

  ”The exploratory visit allowed us to facilitate our arrival, to already have all the right elements in hand, all the documents we needed, the recognition of diplomas to save time in our job search.” 


All applications must be submitted to the Province of Manitoba directly here: 


For more information, please refer to our page Immigration au Manitoba.