Three major Métis tourism projects are launched

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Discover the three major Métis tourism projects that have been in preparation for several years with the collaboration of the UNMSJM, CDEM and several other community partners!


“Histoire cachée-In Plain Sight”, a unique experience to discover

What’s the best way to experience history? According to Rob Malo, you must live it where it happened. ”Histoire cachée-In Plain Sight” is a revolutionary location-based app allowing you to take an unforgettable journey.  Thanks to this application, you can take interactive self-guided tours in augmented reality (AR) of the St. Boniface neighbourhood. You will have the opportunity to explore the sights of St. Boniface at your own pace, while listening to professional narrations designed by members of the community in three languages: French, English and Mechif French.

This project is an initiative of Rob Malo, storyteller, author, and musician also known as TiBert the voyageur. It was launched on May 25, 2023 in the ruins of the St. Boniface Cathedral.

To download the app or for more information, visit

New interpretive walking trail launched at Fort Ellice II in St. Lazare

Fort Ellice II is an important historic site inhabited by First Nations and Indigenous peoples for 11,000 years. As the westernmost bilingual community in the province and close to the Assessipi complex and Riding Mountain Park, Fort Ellice offers many opportunities for economic development. With its abundant natural resources, rich history, strategic location and breathtaking beauty, this region has the potential to become an important tourist destination.

A new interpretive footpath has been built with interpretive signs on the heritage of this significant place for the region. An extremely beautiful and moving site whose layout has been carried out with the greatest care in order to tell the story of the First Nations peoples as faithfully as possible.

This project is organized by CDC P’tite Fourche in collaboration with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the architectural firm Sputnick, Lakehead University of Ontario, the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF), the Union nationale métisse de Saint-Joseph du Manitoba (UNMSJM), Prairies Can, the Province of Manitoba and Francofonds.


Dawson Trail Interpretive Trail Launch and Art Exhibits

The Dawson Trail project includes 15 new wayfinding markers and a series of permanent art exhibits showcasing the traditional place names and historical legacy of the first all-Canadian access road connecting the east to the western prairies. This project is an initiative of the Dawson Trail Arts and Heritage Trail Committee.

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