Fresh Start Mediation : A family mediation service in Winnipeg 

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Since September 2021, a family mediation service based in Winnipeg, is open to Manitobans. Lisa Huberdeau, a Franco-Manitoban and family mediator for 16 years, explains the origin of this regional office: “Fresh Start Mediation is a company located in Calgary, but now has several regional offices in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and now Manitoba. Before I took over this office, I was already working in family mediation for the Province of Manitoba. My job is to provide mediation assistance to families who are in a context of divorce and separation.” 

” When I left my old position, I wanted to be self-employed, still in family mediation. I saw the job offer to run the Fresh Start Mediation office in Winnipeg and decided to go for it. I can say today that I have no regrets about this decision. » 

 Support and coaching through the divorce process

Fresh Start Mediation is an organization that focuses on the needs of families, in the context of divorce, interpersonal relations, but also co-parenting relationships. But family mediation is not only about improving a family’s communication, it also serves to reduce expenses that can be associated with the separation process: “Family mediation is really a solution that can save families money. We all know that using only a lawyer can be a very expensive, especially in the context of a divorce,” explains Lisa Huberdeau. 

“We just want to avoid conflict in a family. Our goal is to find alternatives so that people and children can get out of a separation in good terms. Mediation is still not well-known today. Divorce is usually associated with conflict. Our role at Fresh Start Mediation is also to change this way of thinking. A separation can go very well. You just need to have the right tools and be well accompanied. ” 


The only fully bilingual family mediation service in Manitoba

Lisa Huberdeau is the only representative in Manitoba for Fresh Start Mediation, but also one of the only bilingual family mediators in the province: “Our organization is really the only one that can offer all its services completely in French. So inevitably, I feel very invested in my mission. I have dedicated my entire career to family mediation, and I enjoy working with the people who need our services. My greatest happiness is to see people no longer think only of their own interests, but to consider those of their former partner and their child(ren). ” 


Families can contact Fresh Start Mediation on its website, but also by contacting Lisa Huberdeau directly: “Families can contact me via my phone number and on LinkedIn. We are also fortunate to collaborate with several law firms that provide independent legal  advice. People need to know that we are truly a complementary organization to legal services. Lawyers work with families from a legal point of view, and we from a relational point of view. ”

Contact: 204-470-4263