New Owners at St. Malo Meats

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On Sunday, May 1, 2022, Jesse Larivière and Patrick Gosselin opened, for the first time as owners, the doors of St. Malo Meats. 

Young Entrepreneurs from St. Malo

Jesse, who has been working for more than two years in the business in St. Malo, explains his initiative: “My former boss unfortunately had health problems that prevented him from running the store. I then continued to work at the butcher shop, and a few months ago my wife and I decided to own it. I am originally from St. Malo and I really wanted to continue to invest in my town.”

With the help of co-owner Patrick Gosselin and his wife Carolyn, originally from St. Malo, they are ready to continue the tradition of selling high-quality meat.

“I’ve been working with meat since I was 12 years old,” says Jesse Larivière. Our goal is to continue to offer quality meat, with the help of my wife, Réanne. We just had a child in 2021, so Réanne will help with communication and management of our social media.”

Local, high-quality selection of meats

St. Malo Meats offers a wide selection of meats and products from local farms: “We work with all kinds of meats, even if beef is the most in demand. We offer steaks, roasts, sausages, and hamburger meat.

“We really want to bring diversity to the choice of our products, which is why we continue to sell pork, bison, turkey and chicken as well. We also offer made-in-house products, such as beef jerky, bacon or pepperoni, explains Jesse Larivière.

“Our business is really dedicated to offering good and accessible food. Our goal is to become a store that sells products that can be consumed every day of the week. We don’t want our customers to come just for an occasion, but rather on a regular basis. That’s why our range of products is very wide, so that we can meet the needs of the entire community.”

St. Malo Meats also provides its customers with a meat cutting and processing service. “Often farmers or hunters ask us to cut and prepare their meats. We have a lot of requests because the community is really concerned about respecting animals and food.”

St. Malo, a growing community

Jesse Larivière is really proud to actively participate in the community life of St. Malo: “We are a town that sees its population grow double during the summer, thanks to tourism and the contribution of the provincial park, and our permanent population has increased by almost 10% since 2016.
“Many people have left St. Malo to work in the city, but they always end up coming back. Our community is very close-knit. In addition to the environment offered by the park, we have a French immersion school and a large hockey arena. I invite anyone to come and visit our park and our town, but especially our shop!”

St Malo Meats

St. Malo Meats is located at 110 Route Provinciale 218, St. Malo MB R0A 1T0 – phone: (204) 347-5786