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Community Economic Development

CDEM helps community business development corporations (CDC's) implement specific projects whether community-oriented or private.

Business Services

CDEM provides a whole range of business services for those starting/acquiring a business or considering expansion or succession.

Green Economy

CDEM works closely with Manitoba's bilingual municipalities to help them become more innovative and competitive all the while adopting a greener approach to their economic activities.


CDEM works closely with schools, the business community and youth organizations to encourage young people to develop their entrepreneurial spirit.


The economic goal of a co-op is not to profit but to satisfy the aspirations and economic, social and cultural needs of its members. In doing so, cooperatives help create sustainable economic development.

Joie de Vivre

Joie de Vivre is the trademark of CDEM's tourism sector, an important component of economic development in Manitoba's bilingual municipalities.


BDC dedicated to entrepreneurs

BDC offers financing, advisory services and indirect financing for SME's.

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Canada Business Network

Starting, planning, financing, managing, growing, government.

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End of Monopoly

Manitoba government announces marketing flexibility for freshwater fishers.

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Tribute to Fortunat Champagne

A bust of Fortunat Champagne recognizes the exceptional career of this rural doctor.

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New Lagoon for St-Pierre

The waste water will be filtered by an marsh to avoid contamination of the environment.

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