CDEM provides a whole range of business services for those starting or acquiring a business or considering an expansion or succession.

Employability Services

Our services help French speaking clients develop employment skills in order to find and maintain a job. *Please note that Premier Choix has changed names. it is now simply called CDEM Employablité.

economic immigration

CDEM supports the Francophone candidates to immigrate in Manitoba. We help qualified individuals with the right training, work experience and language skills to work in Manitoba and make a positive contribution to the province's economy.


CDEM is there to help our municipalities become all that they can be: strong, proud and sustainable.


CDEM coordinates and implements economic development projects in close partnership with Manitoba's bilingual municipalities and their community development corporations.

Bonjour Manitoba

Bonjour Manitoba is the trademark for our tourism sector. Bonjour Manitoba showcases Manitoba’s bilingual municipalities and their tourist products - products that reflect the unique and distinctive heritage of Manitoba's Francophones and Métis.

Entrepreneurship and financial literacy

All of our youth programs and resources fall under one heading: les Affaires A+. We support teachers and youth in the following 4 sectors: entrepreneurship, financial literacy, trades and employability training.

Job Fair

A 10-minute interview (speed dating style) is sometimes all you need to catch the attention of a potential employer and find a job. Stay tuned for our next job fair.

Vision 2019-2020...

... for vibrant and prosperous bilingual communities in Manitoba. See the 6 recommendations elaborated by the AMBM to optimize economic development and infrastructure in our munipaltities.


Louis Allain honoured

Congratulations to our executive director, Louis Allain, for his induction into La Compagnie des Cent-Associés francophones.

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Anne Mulaire: new label

To better reflect her métis heritage, designer-owner Andréanne Dandeneau chose a new brand bearing her mother's family name, Mulaire.

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What do Canadians think of entrepreneurs?

Canadians think entrepreneurs are brave, courageous and hardworking.

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