Community Economic Development

CDEM helps community business development corporations (CDC's) implement specific projects whether community-oriented or private.

Business Services

CDEM provides a whole range of business services for those starting/acquiring a business or considering expansion or succession.

Centre of excellence for entrepreneurs

COWORKING - we have space for rent for entrepreneurs and independent workers in our new Centre for excellence. Affordable rent in an ideal location!

Les Affaires A+

CDEM has the resources needed to support and accompany teachers and youth in 4 important sectors: entrepreneurship, financial literacy, the trades and employability training. See for yourself all that we have to offer!


The economic goal of a co-op is not to profit but to satisfy the aspirations and economic, social and cultural needs of its members. In doing so, cooperatives help create sustainable economic development.

Joie de Vivre - Tourism

Joie de Vivre is the trademark for our tourism sector. Joie de vivre showcases Manitoba’s bilingual municipalities and the tourist products they offer - products that reflect the unique and distinctive heritage of Manitoba's Francophones and Métis.



Coworking is a way for professionals to work in a shared, collaborative space sharing office amenities. Find out if coworking is right for you.

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JOB PLACEMENTS without age limit

Only two criteria are needed to participate in this programme: you must speak French and be a permanent resident.

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Discover this year's 4 finalists and learn more about their growing businesses: Nonsuch Brewing Co., Into the Blue, Glass Lab and Ukkö Robotics.

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