More than $1,000,000 invested to encourage tourism in Francophone and Métis communities

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August 3, 2023 – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Today, the Honourable Dan Vandal, Minister for PrairiesCan and Member of Parliament for Saint Boniface-Saint Vital, announced an investment of more than $1 million through PrairiesCan to encourage tourism and promote Francophone and Métis history and culture in the vibrant bilingual communities of Manitoba.

PrairiesCan supported two projects through the Tourism Relief Fund:

  • Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (AMBM) – $500,000 to implement a destination development initiative to increase visits to Francophone and Métis attractions and communities across Manitoba, including interpretive and wayfinding signage for tourists.
  • Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM) – $486,112 to create a series of new tourist attractions across Saint-Boniface and bilingual communities in rural Manitoba, showcasing Francophone and Métis history and culture.


“Manitoba is home to vibrant and deeply rooted French-speaking communities and our government is pleased to support the promotion of Francophone and Métis heritage. I look forward to joining others in visiting these projects as they tell the story of proudly being Francophone and Métis in Manitoba.”
–The Honourable Dan Vandal, Minister responsible for PrairiesCan and Member of Parliament for Saint-Boniface – Saint-Vital

“We applaud this investment of nearly $1 million by PrairiesCan in the tourism development of Manitoba’s bilingual municipalities, particularly in rural areas. This support will enable the AMBM and our subsidiary, the CDEM, to implement the tourism priorities of Manitoba’s bilingual municipal leadership, in addition to continuing the deployment of its ambitious economic recovery plan. This mutually beneficial partnership with the federal government will help us to build stronger, more prosperous and more attractive bilingual communities together.”
–Justin Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities

“Twelve bilingual municipalities, members of the AMBM, have benefited from tourism projects carried out with the CDEM thanks to the PrairiesCan Tourism Relief Fund. This significant funding has enabled the development and deployment of a variety of tourism initiatives for communities in rural and urban municipalities. The fund has provided significant support for flagship tourism projects such as the Winnipeg River Heritage Museum in St. Georges, the Dawson Trail in the Centre of Canada Park and Jeudis de la Francophonie in St. Boniface. In total, fifteen tourism projects received support such as Métis experiential circuits, the Winnipeg River Tourism Corridor, St. Boniface tourism experiences, the Red Chairs initiative as well as road signage and interpretation projects. The federal government’s support through the fund highlights the significant economic contributions by Francophones in minority communities to tourism in Manitoba.”
–Madeleine Arbez, Executive Director, Le Conseil de développement économique de municipalités bilingues du Manitoba (CDEM)

Projects supported:

FAT project for CDEM was designed in three major aspects:

  1. St. Boniface
    Jeudis de la Francophonie
    Loop Circuit
    Municipality: Winnipeg
  2. Winnipeg River Corridor
    Marketing plan and tools
    Exposition interactive au Musée du patrimoine de la rivière Winnipeg
    Municipalities: RM of Alexander, PVPF, RM of  Lac du Bonnet, LUD Lac du Bonnet and Pinawa
  3.  Métis Experiences
    Saint-Laurent Municipal Museum
    Dawson Trail at the Centre of Canada Park
    Municipalities : RM of Saint-Laurent, RM of Taché

The FAT project AMBM includes 8 signage projects:

  • Road signage (x6) : Saint-Laurent, Saint-Georges, MR Taché, Saint-Lazare, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, RM of De Salaberry
  • Cheyenne Park signage : MR Ritchot / Sainte-Agathe
  • Rendez-Vous Corner Signage:  RM of De Salaberry
  • Giant Red Chairs added (11 chairs)
    – Saint-Lazare, RM of Montcalm (Saint-Jean-Baptiste et Saint-Joseph), RM of Saint-Laurent (Saint-Ambroise), Saint-Léon, Ville de Sainte-Anne, PVPF, RM of Ritchot (Grande Pointe et Saint-Adolphe), MR Alexander, RM of La Broquerie